Viking Days of Old | Longing To Find What Once Was

Like many before me and many yet to come, I was always driven by a deep yearning to find something, though I knew not what it was. Like a distant familiar voice calling me home. Not the home of my mother and father, the home of my people lost to me countless years ago. My longing was that of a wolf's hunger  unable to satisfy though he feasts on all the stags in the land, a thirst I could not quench with a sea of horns brimming with mead.

I miss them, my people of old. And, I love them as I love my Gods. I miss what it meant to truly honor the Gods they way we used to. I miss the struggle that life once was because it meant that you were truly alive and fighting for something. I miss fighting in battles and I miss dying in battles. I miss my lovers who held me tight on cold Norse nights. I miss my children most of all, my beautiful babes I held dearly in my arms.

Gods be good, for at least I still have the memories forever chiseled in my heart. I may not know their faces but I feel them pressing against my heart and it is as real as the wind upon your face on warm summer day.

So here we are in this modern dull world where everything is provided and nothing to fight for. As the Gods expected, I've mastered this new era of technology like the weapon my hand once knew. For at least, I may find a few of my brethren lost to the world and together raise a horn of mead and share tales from the days of old. 



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