More Than Just A Ring

Rune Rings

There are few things in life that grip your heart like the teeth of mighty Fenrir. Once known to you, the fleeting memories of a life you once lived begin to gnaw away at your soul leaving you hungry and needing something more. 

We find ourselves living these modern lives desperately trying to recapture a moment that is lost and scattered in the cold Norse winds. We all must do what we must do to satiate the hunger left behind from a life once lived so full. We gather trinkets and wear talismans to feel closer to our Gods. Longingly I gaze at the Rune Ring upon my finger and often do I spin it to the Rune I favor in hopes the Gods will smile upon me. It's just a simple cold steel band but it is so much more than just a ring. It's a connection to my Gods and reminds me that I don't stand alone, I stand with my Gods. The Runes provide me guidance, knowledge, and power. When I'm wearing this ring I can smell sweet mead and hear the laughter of my kinfolk, echos from my home of old.

It's more than just a ring.



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