Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&
Viking Mjolnir Thor&

Viking Mjolnir Thor's Hammer Vegvisir Leather Bracelet


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This Viking bracelet features a stainless steel Mjolnir Thor's Hammer as the focal point strung with thick leather cord and stainless steel clasp. The Thor's Hammer features a vegvisir at the top and a two goats heads at the base of the hammer with stunning Norse knot work throughout.

To find your correct wrist size simply use a strip of paper or flat string to measure the circumference around wrist and order the size closest to that measurement.

Below are cm to inches conversion
16 cm = 6.3 inches
18 cm = 7.1 inches
20 cm = 7.9 inches
22 cm = 8.7 inches

Mjölnir (pronounced Miol-neer) is the name of Thor's (a Norse God) hammer. The hammer gave Thor extensive power and never missed it's mark. Mjölnir was forged by the dwarf, Sindri, in Svartalfheim.

Thor's hammer served as a weapon of war but was also used as an instrument of blessing in births, weddings, and funerals, too. The symbol can be found on many gravestones up to 1300 AD.

The Vegvisir , "That Which Shows the Way", pronounced "VEGG-vee-seer".
"If this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known."

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